Can Art Increase Workplace Productivity? Patrick McCrae writes for OnOffice

Art defines nations. Globally, it’s a multi-billion-pound industry. We learn about art from a young age, fill our homes with it and are surrounded by it when we are hospitalised or, in our dotage, in nursing homes. In hotels, museums and restaurants – even some caves – walls are adorned with art. We paint the walls of our cities with art – but why do we so regularly forget about it in our places of work?

Research that ARTIQ has been involved in, which is soon to be published, shows a direct correlation between art and productivity; the inclusion of an art collection in a workplace led to a 14.3% increase in perceived productivity when compared to a control group.

ARTIQ CEO Patrick McCrae sat down with leading workplace publication OnOffice to talk about the benefits of art for the workplace and our recent findings on productivity

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