Team ARTIQ is growing!

This month ARTIQ welcomes four new staff members to the team. Our new staff join us at a crucial point of growth for the company and include a range of talented and creative specialists with skills across art handling, art curation and marketing.

Get to know our new staff below:

Art Consultant
‘What really motivates me is helping create highly-individual spaces for our clients through art, which are not only brand-appropriate, but which help clients attract and retain the very best staff’
Find out more about Tazie here

Marketing Manager
‘I’m a passionate advocate for art and am proud to be part of an organisation that champions and supports emerging talent. Our model enables clients to engage with some of the most exciting art in the country, whilst filling their environment with inspiration.’
Find out more about Melody here

Art Handling Technician
‘No two days are the same here and that’s what I love most about working for ARTIQ. I might be installing art in a house or a huge office halfway up the Gherkin or at The Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland. As well as meeting every kind of client, I also love working so closely with artists and seeing how their association with this unique company facilitates increasingly ambitious work.’
Find out more about Alastair here

Studio Artist
‘Just making ‘aesthetic art’ has never been enough for me. I like to make art with a strong sense of narrative, so I’m really excited about making commissioned pieces in response to a structured brief, as well as increasing my pace of production on my personal portfolio.’
Find out more about Joe here