Worktech Week 2016 Day 1: Installation

Here at ARTIQ, we believe that art can transform our working environment, and that art in the workplace has the power to increase productivity, inspire staff and express the collective culture of an organisation. But how exactly does it work?

In this post, we’ll go behind the scenes of the ARTIQ installation process, showcasing how a passionate client and a skilled team of technicians can revolutionise the aesthetic of an environment and engage with an entire workforce.

We sat down with Kristina Jones, PA at Polar Capital on the day of their most recent installation to find out more about the company’s journey with ARTIQ.

What made you decide to focus on art in the workplace? My father is an artist, and I am a passionate advocate for the arts. Growing up surrounded by art, I feel that having art in your environment can provide a psychological and professional lift and revolutionise surroundings.

Our brief for ARTIQ was to help us find work that would communicate Polar Capital’s boutique and personal service to our clients. We looked for art that could contrast with the sharp lines and glass of our new offices and focussed on textured, abstract and contrasting pieces that could really enhance the space around us.



What does having art in the workplace mean to your staff? It has been fantastic to see how engaged our staff have been with the art at Polar Capital. We have been able to create a real culture of ownership, with our staff actively participating in discussion about the works and making choices about the art. There is a real tangible excitement on install day and some staff have even tried to buy some of the works that we have on the walls!

Working with ARTIQ for so long has enabled us to build a relationship of trust. We have been able to introduce art to the space slowly, building a gradual collection that becomes bolder and braver as time has gone on. The rotation feature enables us to identify what works well and gives us the advocacy to make changes when we see fit as well as regularly refreshing the space for our staff and clients.


How have you found working with our installation team? I am consistently impressed with the knowledge, skill and service of the team. Jacob and the team are flexible, honest and professional and I trust them implicitly. They have a holistic approach and work with our lighting, space and practicalities to make the artworks truly compliment the environment.

We decided to work with ARTIQ because of their reputation as a personal, professional and knowledgeable service, and have now been working with ARTIQ for a number of years. We are very proud of our ARTIQ art collection, and have even produced a catalogue for our visitors.

Hear ARTIQ’s MD Patrick McCrae talk ‘Art in the Workplace’ at Worktech 2016.
12:35pm | 10th November
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