Worktech Week 2016 Day 2: Choosing the art

Client: ThoughtWorks

Sector: Software

Here at ARTIQ, we believe that art can transform our working environment, and that art in the workplace has the power to increase productivity, inspire staff and express the collective culture of an organisation. But how exactly does it work?

In this post, we chat to Laura Jenkins, Head of Community & Events at Thoughtworks about the process of choosing art with ARTIQ, from utilising our staff voting tool Maestro to the power of staff input.

What made ThoughtWorks decide to prioritise art in the workplace?
We wanted to make sure the office walls were curated thoughtfully in a way that expressed our values. We wanted to make sure we were fostering creativity, and we saw showcasing art in the office as a way to do this. We are passionate about art at Thoughtworks and alongside our art collection we also host SketchNote art events to work on collaborative installations.


What does having art in the workspace mean to your staff?
They get very upset if the work is covered by a whiteboard! Our ThoughtWorkers voted for the work via the ARTIQ Maestro art voting tool. The tool enabled staff to choose the art for our space which was perfect for us as we’re all a very opinionated bunch with democracy at our core. This is definitely reflected in the pieces chosen.

Do they interact with the work?
Absolutely. It’s fantastic that having art in the workplace can encourage more interaction with the space and eachother. We have had one piece voted in for two terms and a number of individuals wanted to buy the piece at the end due to the connection they made with the artwork.

In 3 words, what do your choices say about Thoughtworkers?
Bold, emotive, democratic.


ARTIQ’s project with ThoughtWorks and the Maestro voting tool has been selected as a Project Showcase as part of NLA London’s WRK/LDN exhibition. Catch the exhibition until 17th December. Details here

Hear ARTIQ’s MD Patrick McCrae talk ‘Art in the Workplace’ at Worktech 2016. 12:35pm | 10th November Tickets here #Worktech