Worktech Week 2016 Day 3: Art & Future Workspaces

Here at ARTIQ, we believe that art can transform our working environment, and that art in the workplace has the power to increase productivity, inspire staff and express the collective culture of an organisation. But how exactly does it work?

In our final post, we’ll be talking to Catherine Staniland, Deputy Director at New London Architecture  to discuss their most recent exhibition ‘WRK/LDN’ and to explore how art and design could hold the key to transforming London’s future workspaces.

Tell us how and why WRK/LDN came together?

Since the beginning of the year, we have been observing a real shift in the way that workspaces were operating in the city from changes in location to completely new approaches to the working environment. We noticed an increasing trend for co-working spaces and collaborative working and a need for more affordable creative spaces for businesses and artists.

We worked with a researcher for 6 months, interviewing businesses, developers & designers to understand what decisions businesses were making and to discover how workplaces within London are looking to the future.

How did you choose which projects to feature in your project showcase?

We sent a call out to the industry for suggestions of innovative workspaces that champion new approaches to working in London. Our selection demonstrates the fantastic diversity in design and approaches to the workspace and aims to showcase the breadth of spaces across the city.

It was fantastic to have so many fantastic recommendations from our networks. We were really pleased with the response, and support from Jules Pipe, Deputy Mayor for Planning & Regeneration, who opened the exhibition in October.


How important do you think art is for the workplace?

In our research, we saw that there was a consistent theme of there being much more competition to attract a skilled workforce which has led to the quality of the workplace becoming increasingly important. More than just technical specifications, employees are increasingly wanting more from their working environment and desire spaces that are designed to inspire creativity and lateral thinking.

Art and design is a key part of this, with developers increasingly working with architects, designers and art consultants to create interesting spaces which attract employees, create a productive environment and simultaneously help to make their business stand out.

In 3 words, describe your perfect future workspace

Bright, flexible, collaborative

ARTIQ’s recent project with workplace client ThoughtWorks features in WRK/LDN as a Project Showcase. ARTIQ & ThoughtWorks were selected for their innovative use of the ARTIQ Maestro art voting tool, enabling employees to choose the art that they would like for their space.

Catch the exhibition until 17th December. For exhibition details and to see the NLA’s full programme of WRK/LDN events please click here.