The Power of Art in the Workplace: Breakfast Seminar

In the workplace, we believe that carefully selected artwork can engage staff, reflect the unique character and culture of a company, attract and retain the best talent, promote creativity and even increase productivity. It allows a more participatory design by giving employees a say in the aesthetics of their office environment and increases workplace pride.

On the 7th April, we held an informative breakfast seminar exploring ‘The Power of Art in the Workplace’.

Led by ARTIQ Managing Director Patrick McCrae and Head of Business Development Jamie Livingstone, the group discussed the benefits and advantages of workplace art and how to harness art as a tangible asset for business.

The group took part in an interactive activity where they had the chance to experience first-hand the power of art to empower and engage staff and explore the process of selecting art work to reflect the theme, brand values and character of a business.

Thank you to Cocoon Network for providing a stunning space for this event.

Interested in hearing about the power of art for the workplace? Contact Jamie: to find out more about future ARTIQ seminars.