ARTIQ explore the Salon Hang trend for Hospitality Interiors magazine

We are delighted to share a fascinating exploration into the Salon Hang trend written by ARTIQ Art Consultant Katie Terres & now featured in this month’s Hospitality Interiors magazine

“Not so long ago, the mere mention of ‘hotel art’ would send a shiver down many a spine, bringing up associations with the blandest of the bland art, erected merely to fill gaps and blend seamlessly with the wallpaper choice du jour. Thankfully, that association is dying out with the realisation that a thoughtfully-curated art collection can be big, tangible business for hoteliers.

Globalised consumers increasingly demand more individualised experiences and art very much has a role to play in answering that demand, as well as in expressing a hotel’s brand values, ethos, sense of place and taste. Well-sourced collections can mean serious public engagement, with one art trend in particular on a meteoric rise right now.”

Read the feature in full below: