#AskACurator with ARTIQ’s Tazie Taysom

What do art consultants do all day? Its #AskACurator day on Twitter! To celebrate, we sat down with our talented Art Consultant, Tazie Taysom to find out more. Read the interview in full below:

What is your role at ARTIQ?
I specialise in workplace and residential, curating collections for our clients in office buildings and private residences around London

What exactly is a curator?
A curator to me is someone who sources and brings together art work to create a narrative and tell a story. A curator helps to provide a space for the art work to speak to the viewer and provoke conversation, feeling and engagement.

What do you love most about being a curator?
I love choosing works that really speak and promote discussion with the viewer. I believe art has the power to enrich, engage and inspire. I absolutely love seeing the finished collection and the reaction of our clients. A great collection can really enhance the space and experience of the workplace.

What has been your favourite curation that you have worked on?
I adore working with brave clients. The particular client I have in mind is never afraid to incorporate bold colour to contrast with their delicate white marble interior. The splashes of colour and texture are an immediate focal point for staff and visitors and showcase their willingness to be innovative.