Landmark New Addition to Art Collection at Great Northern Hotel

We are delighted to announce the installation of a landmark addition to the collection of works that form our ongoing art curation remit with the Great Northern Hotel.

The latest addition to the collection is another stunning feature for the main staircase, installed in 2018. Chosen to reflect themes of heritage and transport, ARTIQ procured a vintage photographic work from the National Railway Museum that depicts the locomotive coaling plant at King’s Cross Depot, pictured in March 1935. Subtly nodding to the hotel’s locale, the work transports guests into a time of industrial revolution and connectivity, highlighting the Great Northern Hotel’s position as an internationally renowned hotel.

A landmark piece for both the Great Northern Hotel and ARTIQ, the work went through a variety of stages of development, with Katie Terres, Head of Operations at ARTIQ working closely with the owner to painstakingly edit the work to take on an awe-inspiring scale of 3m x 2m. Katie enlisted the services of East London based steel fabricators Can of Gas to build a bespoke metal frame for the piece, further bringing to life the industrial themes within the image through material.

This stunning addition to the collection was a testimony to ARTIQ’s expert installation team which saw four of our technicians working to install the work within the staircase and to develop a bespoke backing structure to support the work and ensure this large-scale piece is perfectly situated to inspire guests time and time again.