ARTIQ Win Lotus Award 2018 for Workplace Culture

The Lotus Awards are a unique concept recognising great workplaces by celebrating what makes them unique. 2018 saw nearly 300 entries for Culture and Sustainability, and ARTIQ is delighted to be amongst the winners of the Culture Award for 2018.

ARTIQ were awarded the Lotus Culture Award 2018 for their commitment to culture both in and outside of the ARTIQ workplace. ARTIQ prioritise the importance of culture to create a workplace enhanced by wellbeing and creativity. From 1/2 day allowances to enable staff to visit and review the latest exhibitions to a National Art Pass for all team members, culture is at the heart of ARTIQ.

ARTIQ’s mission is to bridge the divide between the art and business worlds and promote the support and pay of artists. Through intelligent art curation and the ARTIQ Experience events programme, ARTIQ support businesses to embed culture within their business model and to utilise the power of art to improve wellbeing, encourage collaboration and enhance productivity, together playing a fundamental role in supporting a sustainable arts and culture economy. ARTIQ work with a portfolio of workplace, hospitality and residential clients across the EMEA region. To date, ARTIQ have paid over £2million to artists.

ARTIQ CEO Patrick McCrae said: “To me, the team at ARTIQ are so important and we have worked incredibly hard to create a culture that reflects that. To be recognised for this work, being awarded alongside Whitbread, Hackney Council, Financial Times, Ocado, The Big Issue Foundation and more is a true honour. Culture is truly at the heart of ARTIQ since we started in 2009 and has been its bedrock since.  I would like to thank the team for their passion and commitment to embed culture in the fabric of ARTIQ.”

James Murphy, Founder The Lotus Awards said: “The diversity and quality of the winners is the reason why we started the Lotus Awards, it’s great to see so many organisations constantly striving to improve, hopefully The Lotus Awards provides a platform to inspire other organisations.