ARTIQ curate art for Channel 4’s Inside Out Homes

ARTIQ was delighted to curate art work for a recent television episode of Channel 4’s housing and design programme Inside Out Homes.

Pinal & Rachael Gandhi feature as a young couple seeking to radically overhaul their mock-tudor house in Ealing, London, undergoing major development and design work to modernise their home and create space for reflection and family time.

Channel 4 approached ARTIQ to source and supply art for the open-plan living space. The brief was centred around locality and reflection, with the couple desiring a sense of place and space to encourage relaxation for the family.

ARTIQ sourced work by local London contemporary artist Karen Loader. Karen’s work centres around the overlap between place and space. Her work explores the transition from one to the other and how both are inevitably intertwined. By looking at the inherent characteristics of colour, shape and rhythm, Karen’s work hopes to trigger associatons that tap into individual memories and encourage the viewer towards a more contemplative reading of the work. Contemporary, local and with an abstract aesthetic, Karen’s piece ‘Shifting Shapes’ was the perfect choice to encourage relaxation for the family and reflect the cutting edge design seen in this modern home.

Karen’s work can be seen from 42 minutes into the programme. To watch the episode, please click here. The episode will be available to watch until the 14th June.

Congratulations Karen!

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