ARTIQ & SODA host ‘Through the Mural’ for London Festival of Architecture

On the 21st June, ARTIQ teamed up with award winning architecture and design studio SODA to host Through the Mural: expressing identity with materials for the London Festival of Architecture.

ARTIQ were joined by a host of artists, friends, clients and partners to enjoy a pop-up exhibition of contemporary sculpture featuring work by ARTIQ artists, Almuth Tebbenhoff, Alexander Devereux and Nick Moran. The exhibition considered the intersection of identity and process, with each artist’s use of material speaking directly to their personal history, creative influence, and artistic practice with works ranging in scale and style chosen to create pockets of visual intrigue throughout SODA’s expansive courtyard.

As we stepped through the mural commissioned for no. 40 Compton Rd, we found ourselves in an oasis. Starting with Tebbenhoff – her Sunset sculpture reminded me of a sinuous dancer, waving unperturbed to the music.”
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