Reflections on Colour of the Year 2018: Sara Tenti talks to MIX Impressions

PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet was chosen as the colour of 2018 for its connotations of originality and visionary thinking, pointing towards the future.

In the arts, we’ve definitely witnessed a stronger interest for colour palettes featuring tertiary colours this year, including various shades of purple. ARTIQ has also received an increasing number of commissions for neon art, popular not only with hospitality clients but also in the workplace sector, whilst light installations and interactive art have often been selected alongside sculptural pieces, particularly for public projects, which supports the idea of ‘Ultra Violet’ as a colour that connects us to the future and to artistic exploration and expression. From the art graduate shows we’ve recently visited to the ground-breaking art collectives exhibiting in galleries and fairs across the world right now, including teamLab and Random International, we’ve also certainly witnessed the increasing dominance of new media, including video and digital art and sound and light installations. In line with the inventiveness associated with the colour Ultra Violet, we’re also currently witnessing the use of advanced technologies such as Blockchain being adopted by the art industry as a payment method at art galleries and fairs.

The colour purple is also associated with the mysteries of the cosmos and with intuition. The work of ARTIQ artist Max Maxwell perfectly expresses these characteristics. Mark Maxwell’s body of work includes sculpture, video art and paintings on metal created with the application of metal leaf (copper and silver) gilded directly onto exposed aluminium and then painted with oil. The paintings are protected by a clear enamel coating, which allows them to be exhibited in external locations as they are naturally weather- and temperature-resilient. A recent piece, for example, presented a glass sculpture with embedded, functioning, blue and purple fairy lights, suspended over a hot metal base and water tray and slowly melting over time to creating amazing effects mixing vapor, light and dripping liquid – a world of organic experimentation where science gives way to artworks of alchemic beauty.

Written by Sara Tenti, Artist Liaison, ARTIQ

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