How to Elevate your Brand through Art: Patrick shares his insight in SPACE Magazine

Lines between boutique, chain and apart-hotels are blurring and the modern traveller is driving the demand for unique and experiential hotel stays. Patrick McCrae talks to SPACE on the power of art to elevate hotel brand.

1. Communicate your brand, instantly
Art is innately human, encouraging the viewer to engage and find meaning. Expertly-curated art works alongside great design to tell stories of heritage, location and unique personality.

2. Create singularity 
Historically, hotel art has often been a purely aesthetic addition, but that’s no longer enough. Art strategies now need to be well-considered and narrative-focused to accentuate brand values and be site-specific.

3. It’s also the way that you do it     
It’s not just the art itself. Don’t forget the potential for innovative hanging techniques and the incorporation of experiential art events.

4. Develop a unique dialogue  
Touching base with guests regularly is crucial for guest retention. We recommend an art rotation/rental model to allow art to be refreshed throughout the year, providing a number of opportunities to re-engage.

5. Be a #destination  
Love it or hate it, social media and influencers play a key role in attracting and engaging with guests. Ongoing or large-scale installations create powerful focal points for public areas and attract continuous social engagement.

6. Be THE guide for local arts and culture
In a new location, guests are often time-limited, yet still yearn for local flavour. Developing a collection that features local artists provides a key place-making tool to differentiate individual hotels across brand portfolios.

7. Shout about being a patron  
Art rental is a low-risk, flexible and cost-effective way for hospitality operators to invest in art and support the local arts economy, demonstrating their patronage of arts and culture. Shout it loud!