Sara Tenti predicts ‘Ceylon Yellow’ as Colour of the Year 2019 in MIX Interiors magazine

Speaking with MIX Interiors, Sara Tenti shares her predictions of colour and theme for next year, forecasting ‘Ceylon Yellow’, the colour of energy, action and healing as Colour of the Year 2019.

The last few years have seen the feminist movement getting stronger, more powerful and more inclusive, on a global level. Definitions of the word ‘feminist’ are broadening and the movement is becoming more and more diverse, with a positive increase in those who not only fight for gender equality but also openly take a stand against wider abuses of power. As a result, identifying as a woman means moving away from traditional connotations related to anatomy and gender towards ways of identifying as a human being in society, politics and life in general. Being and acting as a feminist signifies a wider, renewed connection with nature and the planet we inhabit.

Across cultures, the colour yellow has been associated with happiness and hope as well as a symbol of intellect and remembrance. In Afro-Brazilian religions, for example, incorporating the Yorùbá tradition, many female figures in the pantheon are celebrated in rituals for their power to heal, care and nourish. They reflect the richness of their cultural heritage and are intrinsically connected with nature and vital energy, celebrating in particular the goddess Oshun, who represents fertility, fresh water, youth, love, gold and honey.

Yellow has been also used to increase mental activity, stimulate communication, build confidence and boost concentration. Gemstones of this colour are believed to help find clarity for decision-making and have a calming power against panic, while providing healing in cases of burn-out and exhaustion.

In line with our predictions for 2019 as the year of women and the current trends in art and design shifting from a muted palette to bright colours, as well as a new interest in pop art, contemporary surrealism, op art and an increasing request for art deco-inspired golden and metallic details within luxury design treatments, we predict 2019 to be the year of Pantone colour ‘Ceylon Yellow’: the colour of energy, action and healing.

Article by Sara Tenti, Artist Liaison, ARTIQ

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