Toilet, loo, bog, WC, lavatory whatever you like to call it, we all take for granted the luxury of having one. 1 in 3 people don’t. ThirdWay Trust’s art fair aims to raise funds to aid the poorest communities across the globe, building toilets and providing life-saving education on hygiene.

ARTIQ are delighted to partner with ThirdWay Interiors to hold a charity art fair to mark the launch of the ThirdWay Trust. The fair will feature work submitted via an open call alongside a number of works by ARTIQ artists

A third of the world’s population doesn’t have a safe place to go to the toilet. Without basic sanitation, communities fall ill, can’t work, can’t earn, and struggle to take a step out of poverty. Joining forces with aid organization Toilet Twinning, ThirdWay Interiors have launched ThirdWay Trust in a bid to tackle poverty overseas. The fund will support the construction of household toilets, as well as helping to provide clean water and hygiene education, in remote and hard-to-reach communities in Africa, Asia and Central America.

The event
All featured artists will be invited to the event, joining ARTIQ, ThirdWay Trust and a host of clients and partners for a private view, auction and drinks evening.

Watch more about the event below.

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