ARTIQ and QMUL launch research project on art in the workplace

ARTIQ are seeking responses from professionals across the country who are currently office-based, for a collaborative research project with Queen Mary University of London on the provision of art in the workplace.

ARTIQ were approached by Queen Mary University of London’s careers department to prepare a brief for a research project with PhD students at QMUL. ARTIQ were matched with a multi-disciplinary team from across Maths / Institute of Dentistry / Biology and Chemistry / Blizard Institute who will carry out a research project and write up the report.

We are delighted to release the first stage in the project, an explorative questionnaire which seeks to explore levels of satisfaction at work in relation to the provision of art in the workplace.

The questionnaire is designed to enable us to obtain feedback on how the artwork installed in your workplace may have an impact on you. The findings of this study will be used to advise the future selection of artwork for your office space.

To take part in this questionnaire, please click on the link below.

It is important that you try to respond with your own honest opinion. All responses from this questionnaire will be held in complete confidence and no-one will be identifiable.

Completing this questionnaire will take you less than 5 minutes. We thank you for your time!

Deadline for submissions – 5pm Tuesday 12th November 2019