ARTIQ in Forbes Magazine: Public Art for Communities

ARTIQ were delighted to be asked by Forbes magazine to contribute their thoughts to an engaging piece on the power of public art for communities. Read the piece below:

Public art can be an end result in itself: Not everybody who lives in London has money to give to elephants. And many might be refugees themselves. For them art is a luxury. Galleries exist in affluent areas and few can afford to buy art for their own walls. However, they do need it in their lives.

More than just bringing idols to the public other than Kardashian, public art can physically and mentally change a child’s upbringing. According to the U.K.’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing, after engaging with the arts 82% of people in deprived communities in London enjoyed greater well being, 79% ate more healthily, and 77% engaged in more physical activity.

For this reason, public art should be a cause for philanthropy in itself, says Patrick McCrae, CEO of ARTIQ, which rents artworks for hotels, offices and other public spaces. “There is a very strong case for philanthropists installing public artworks in less affluent areas.”

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