Adviser, April 2020

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In this time of isolation, our experience of indoor space is being challenged. We long
for movement, travel and the outside world. This need for the ‘outside’ space often
brings us closer to non-physical places of imagination.

In the moment that we are currently living, it seems that we are all returning
to similar activities of indoor escapism, curiosity and creativity. Through online platforms and social media, we find a new way of experiencing our own invented worlds,
materialising imaginary friends, reading, watching and discovering infinite visual
images while interacting with each other in the volatile, ephemeral dimension of the
digital world. With this in mind, businesses, institutions and professionals working
in the creative industries are providing some of their best suggestions and homegrown activities to engage you in fun and light-hearted art projects, often initiated
on screen but also to be develop away from it. In this month’s Adviser we recommend ARTIQ’s top picks of the best ‘Art for Play’.