City AM: Freelance Creatives Could Fall Through the Cracks of Rishi’s Budget

This week Rishi Sunak announced his investment-led recovery budget, pledging an additional £408m stimulus package for the culture sector. This is fantastic news for a creative sector particularly vulnerable to the impact of the COVID pandemic.

The government has divided this relief package into three parts: £300m for the Cultural Recovery Fund (supporting cultural organisations like theatres and music venues), £90m to museums (with larger amounts going to big names like the Tate, who, as an example, are receiving £9m), and £18.8m to cultural community projects as part of regional re-development programmes. It is great news, of course, that government funding is continuing to target these badly hit institutions and employers.

For the wider sector, however, initiatives supporting individual creatives and freelancers have not been considered, despite this group forming a large part of the industry’s workforce. There has been an extension of the UK-wide Self Employment Income Support scheme, but, as this is not industry-specific, we foresee many creatives falling through the gap. A more imaginative and broader Cultural Recovery Fund, covering smaller freelance creative projects would have been better than relief just for institutions.

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