Great art is powerful. The team at ARTIQ is united by the shared realisation of the power art can both embody and unleash. Our collective ambition is to harness this and use it to create a useful and tangible asset for our clients.

In the hospitality sector, a great piece of art can leave a lasting impression and resonate with clientele on a deeper level than any other aspect of the design or service. In the workplace, art can engage staff, get people talking, attract the best talent to your company, promote creativity and even increase productivity.

Our company was founded in 2009 with an original vision to bring great art into great spaces and to make sure artists are fairly recompensed for their work. We now represent some of the most dynamic, exciting and relevant artists and global art collections in the world and occupy a unique market position on the cusp of the business, design and art worlds.

Our art consultants specialise in curating thoughtful and intelligent art collections for our clients, many of whom choose to lease fresh artwork every six months to engage and entice those spending time in their spaces and to use art to create an evolving and articulate channel of communication with their audiences.