ARTIQ artist Sun Ju Lee featured in Arthill Gallery Summer Group Show

Sun Ju Lee, an artist who works with ARTIQ, is featured in Arthill Gallery’s summer group show, which also showcases the work of Cyrus Mahboubian and Shaoyan Li. Yates Norton, Artist Liaison at ARTIQ explores the exhibition below:

Sun Ju Lee’s installation and wall works are all united by the same title, Assembly Passage, drawing attention to the process of their making: during a residency in Luton, Sun Ju Lee assembled notes, drawings, and memories of her walks around various areas in Luton.

Sun Ju Lee pushes the boundaries of contemporary print making by printing on monofilament wound around a frame. The prints are created from an accumulation of shadows of people and objects. As the viewer moves before the piece, the images shift and glisten, moving from dark inked forms to atmospheric shapes, as if painted in watercolours. Together with her installation and use of the gallery space, the works are designed to ‘create a scene’ almost like a theatrical installation. In encouraging the viewer to move, the works resist a static relationship between viewer and work, evoking Sun Ju Lee’s own practice of moving around and through the spaces that were the sources for this series.

Despite the differences in their practices, all the art works in the exhibition were united by an interest in evoking experiences of spaces through specific uses of their respective materials and practices. Cyrus Mahboubian explores the ways in which old-format polaroid cameras have a direct indexical relation to the space they photograph because the image is developed in situ with the light particles of that site. His photographs are entirely unique, disrupting the association of photography with reproducibility. Shaoyan Li’s meticulous paintings have been exhibited outside of China for the first time in the group show. In his work, landscapes of brightly coloured flora and fauna create vibrant surfaces which at first sight look like traditional Chinese embroidery or lacquer work.

Catch the Summer Group Show at Arthill Gallery until the 3rd September. For more information on the exhibition visit Find out more about Sun Ju Lee’s work for your workplace or residential project: