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Belmond Splendido Mare is a luxury boutique hotel in Portofino, Italy. Once a guesthouse greeting travellers and weary fishermen, it has now bloomed into a hot spot for a discerning clientele looking for a retreat of solace, revival, and bliss.

ARTIQ worked directly with Belmond and Festen Architecture to curate and commission an art collection comprising over one hundred original paintings, sculptures, and prints. Designed as a ‘collector’s collection’, the artworks reflected a mid-century aesthetic, complementing the interior design scheme and appealing to Belmond’s noteworthy clientele.

ARTIQ’s focus on promoting local talent and local stories perfectly align with Belmond’s appreciation for art that resonates with their locations. This project saw the ARTIQ curatorial team working primarily with emerging to mid-career artists from Italy, highlighting their talent and supporting the local creative economy in Liguria. A quarter of the collection were commissions from international artists, echoing the cosmopolitanism surrounding the area today.  Through careful curation, the story of Portofino emerged: a place shared between the local community and international travellers.

All images courtesy of Belmond Splendid Mare