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ARTIQ have been working closely with the client since early 2016 to build a high-quality art collection for their modern offices based in St. Pauls.

ARTIQ art consultant Tazie Taysom worked closely with the Business Manager & Office Manager to curate a collection chosen to engage both clients and employees, selecting works to feature in both the internal and external areas of the office.

The works, featuring striking landscapes of international business hubs including Paris, New York & London were chosen to reflect the global scope of the company’s business and portfolio and create a sense of place for visiting international employees and clients.

As part of ARTIQ’s art rental rotation offer, which enables clients to rotate their collection bi-annually, Tazie worked alongside the client on this November rotation to source photography that would depict the global business hubs in elegant winter scenes to accent the nuances of the season and create a sense of seasonal transition for the office.