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Project: Hans’ Bar & Grill
Sector: Hospitality

Hans’ Bar & Grill is a new neighbourhood restaurant set within the 11 Cadogan Gardens Hotel and is the first London restaurant design project by Goddard Littlefair. The restaurant was named in honour of Cadogan family ascendant Sir Hans Sloane, a celebrated natural historian, whose incredible collection of specimens and artefacts led to the founding of The British Museum.

ARTIQ worked closely with interior designers Goddard Littlefair to develop an art collection to pay homage to the celebrated figure and to create a series of bespoke art interventions to compliment Goddard Littlefair’s striking and contemporary design, featuring an exciting new extended café-bar space and restaurant, alongside a newly-covered former courtyard space, appealing to a wide range of day-to-night guests.

ARTIQ looked to their artist roster and to London-based printmaker and collage artist, Rebecca Jewell, to commission a series of works for the bar and restaurant. Jewell is inspired by material culture collections in museums (bird specimens, cages, artefacts) and uses an innovative technique for printing images onto feathers which she then collages into assemblages representing headdresses and capes. Her work is held in the British Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

ARTIQ worked with Jewell to commission several unique pieces created exclusively for Hans’ Bar & Grill and to procure two prints by the artist. The original works feature Jewell’s signature feather printing and layering technique and are paired with bespoke antique frames to offer an elegant blend of modernity and heritage to compliment the interior scheme, whilst elegantly reflecting the zoological passions of the restaurant’s namesake.

Hung by ARTIQ using the innovative ‘Salon Hang’ style, the original series adds a further touch of modernity, beautifully juxtaposing the antique framing and creating a focal point for diners and guests.