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Project: Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik
Sector: Hospitality

Originally built in the 1890s, the Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik played host to a cachet of international clientele throughout the 20th and 21st century, offering French Riviera glamour and feel to a wealth of international guests and Mediterranean cruise liners. During the Yugoslav war, the hotel was shelled and used to house refugees. The hotel was subsequently brought back to active life in 2005, and most recently was renovated under the watchful eye of design house Goddard Littlefair.

ARTIQ worked closely with Goddard Littlefair to develop a series of original artworks and prints for the reception, bar, lounge, corridors and guestrooms. Focussing on context, locale and authenticity, the collection features an outstanding array of work by local Croatian artists, including Antonia Čačić, Raul Perčič and Branka Ridicki.

Behind the desk, set within timber-panelled wall surround, is a triptych of artworks by Croatian artist Antonia Čačić, specially-commissioned for the project by ARTIQ. The 3m-long abstract triptych incorporates a palette of soft hues inspired by the colours of the Dalmatian coast and provides an impressive statement piece for guests on arrival, elegantly communicating a sense of place

The Imperial Bar
Three more commissioned works by Antonia Čačić can be seen in The Imperial Bar. This series sits within bespoke brass screens. ARTIQ worked closely with the artist and Goddard Littlefair to create a work entirely bespoke to the design. The artist uses a Mediterranean colour palette to create an ethereal depiction of the local seascape.

Further artwork in the bar area includes a series of 12 specially-commissioned monochrome photograms of local flowers by ARTIQ’s in-house studio artist. Printed as negatives and arranged on unique, vertical-rod brass picture rails, the work offers a unique and contemporary nod to the surrounding environment of the hotel

In the guestrooms hang a combination of prints by Raul Perčič and another local artist, Branka Ridicki. Hanging squarely above the bed, Branka’s paintings imagine townscapes in abstract composition and were selected for their success in capturing the feeling of Dubrovnik’s winding streets and undulating roof-scapes. Photos and prints of Dubrovnik centre on the sea and seaside life, with blues and oranges giving way to some hints of orange. The pictures hang in pairs with brass picture lights above, whilst the suites feature four works of art each.

Executive Lounge
The collection for the Executive Lounge features a mix of contemporary artwork and historical pieces and uses a blend of abstract photography and topographical work to offer a feeling of relaxed luxury and eclecticism. The collection is hung using the innovative Salon Hang trend, chosen by ARTIQ’s expert installation team for its ability to inspire conversation and sharing

In the corridors hang pairs of prints by Raul Perčič and Antonia Čačić, paired with vibrant photography of scenes of Dubrovnik. Selected for their similarities in composition and tonal qualities, the series captures vignettes of local scenery and life.