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Project: Impax Asset Management
Sector: Investment

Impax Asset Management is a specialist investment manager, focused on investments that are set to benefit from the transition to a more sustainable global economy.

ARTIQ worked alongside Anne Gilding, Head of Brand and Communications at Impax Asset Management to develop an art collection that would communicate and reflect the company’s commitment to environmental solutions.

ARTIQ art consultant Tazie Taysom worked closely with Anne to develop and procure a bespoke portfolio of artists that not only express their passion for the environment through nature focussed aesthetics, but also reflect their dedication to sustainability through planet-conscious practice.

David Wiseman is an artist inspired by and working with nature, creating work from his home studio in a forest in West London. David’s abstract landscapes play with the colours of nature and urbanism, with neon hues beautifully contrasting the earthy tones of the natural environment that he encounters on his daily run from city canal to forest studio.

Artist Jo Lewis is inspired by the form and spontaneity of water. Creating her work physically within water, Jo utilises the environment as a medium, allowing the natural form of water to dictate the shape and aesthetics of her abstract paintings. The conscious management of risk and chance created through Jo’s process was chosen to elegantly reflect the responsible and sustainable investment practice of Impax Asset Management.