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Kingsley Napley LLP is an internationally recognised law firm based in central London. Founded in 1937, they are recognised for providing the highest quality legal advice and services and has been at the forefront of some of the UK’s most important judicial cases and decisions.

The ARTIQ curatorial team presented a bold, exciting, and eclectic collection of artworks that looked to play with colour, size and technique to create interest and excitement across all floors. Abstract and geometric expressionistic works were present throughout, ranging from bold and expressive to calm and contemplative.

As a part of the curatorial process, ARTIQ facilitated “Arts Immersive Sessions”, which is a way to allow the final art collection to feel connected to the values, interests and tastes of those who will be moving through the final artwork curation. The session allowed us to understand the feelings towards the various pieces, and from this feedback, a final selection was made. Additionally, a selection of archival photographs was sourced, depicting the surrounding area of Shoreditch, bringing an essence of the outside inside.

The final selection was decided in joint with Kingsley Napley’s devoted art committee members. It reflects the team at Kingsley Napley, pushing the boundaries of what it means to display a corporate art collection. It will inspire and promote action, energy, productivity and conversation for all those moving within the space.

Photography: Timothy Soar
Interior Architect: KKS Savills