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Project: Memery Crystal
Sector: Law

Memery Crystal are an international law firm. A team of global thinkers, Memery Crystal offer their clients an intelligent, inventive and incisive law service. ARTIQ worked closely with the client and designers Maris Interiors to develop an art collection for their London offices on Fleet Street.

ARTIQ looked to the study of topography to inspire a curation of sculpture, prints and original work for the staff, client and meeting areas. Designed to reflect Memery Crystal’s international approach, the work in the collection reflects landscapes and cityscapes through an intelligent and creative abstract lens.

For the staff areas, ARTIQ procured work by artist Almuth Tebbenhoff. ‘Horizon Splitting’ is a large-scale sculpture made from industrial steel and is inspired by the reflections of the moon on the surface of the water. Almuth executes outstanding skill and vision in her work to intervene with the shape of the metal, morphing and bending her structures to expose the raw strength of the material and reflect the dynamic movement of nature and the human condition. This statement piece was chosen to provide a focal point of inspiration for the staff team and reflect the dynamicity of Memery Crystal.

ARTIQ sourced work by artist Liz Miller for the curation seen in Memery Crystal’s meeting rooms. Liz works with art and music to create a unique series of musical maps that can be both viewed and performed. Her work reflects the organic sequences found in nature and examines the patterns of human behaviour and the human psyche. This selection offers a contemplative backdrop for the meeting rooms, designed to encourage and enrich conversation with clients and staff.

Matthew Curtis-Knight is a multi-media artist living and working in London. His contemporary take on architectural photography reflects the physicality of urban spaces. Reflecting locality, ARTIQ sourced a piece by Matthew which is inspired by the city of London. The work creates a sense of place for the client area and reflects the locale of their offices.

For the client area, ARTIQ also procured work by painter and mixed media artist Pandora Mond. ‘Sea of Waves’ is large-scale work on canvas, reflecting the tranquillity and peace of the vast ocean. Pandora’s work offers a place of relaxation and reflection for the clients and staff and elegantly communicates Memery Crystal’s open and intelligent approach to working together.

This collection is Memery Crystal’s first art collection from ARTIQ, renting the works as part of ARTIQ’s innovative art rental offer.