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International investment management company Polar Capital are proud art patrons with a passion for bold, abstract art. Since coming on board as a client in 2014, the collection at Polar Capital has become one of our most exciting displays of workplace art.

ARTIQ Art Consultant Tazie Taysom worked closely with Kristina Jones, Personal Assistant at Polar Capital to build a vibrant collection to mirror the innovation, tenacity and research-driven approach of Polar Capital.

The collection features a series of bright, textural works from a selection of ARTIQ artists including Huw Janes, Aidan Myers, Joanna Gilbert and Zanny Mellor.

‘Shifting Foundations’ by London based artist Zanny Mellor is informed by her expeditions across the globe including Iceland and Patagonia. This bold painting provides a colourful focal point for the back office and reflects the adventurous, entrepreneurial spirit of the client.

The bright, geometric work by musician and artist Huw Janes is inspired by the numerical and proportional nature of music. Huw’s art immediately found synergy with the client due to its
playful approach to perception and expressive use of colour and shape, reflecting Polar Capital’s boutique and personal service.

This collection is Polar Capital’s fifth art work rotation, part of our bi-annual rotation offer for art rental clients. Polar Capital have proudly produced an art work catalogue to showcase their stunning collection to visitors and clients.

‘It has been fantastic to see how engaged our staff have been with the art at Polar Capital. We have been able to create a real culture of ownership, with our staff actively participating in discussion about the works and making choices about the art. There is a real tangible excitement on install day and some staff have even tried to buy some of the works that we have on the walls!

Working with ARTIQ for so long has enabled us to build a relationship of trust. We have been able to introduce art to the space slowly, building a gradual collection that becomes bolder and braver as time has gone on. ‘ – Kristina Jones, Polar Capital