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ARTIQ were brought onboard by design studio Harris & Harris and Fresh Montgomery to curate a temporary art installation for the ‘The Conscious Bedroom’ concept, taking place at the Independent Hotel Show 2019.

ARTIQ curated a bespoke collection of art for the space, profiling the work of a selection of artists that put sustainability at the core of their practice. Each artist offers new innovations and approaches for sustainability in art, from reducing waste and toxic chemicals to using alternative materials and even using nature as an art-making tool.

Harris & Harris describe the concept below:
‘When it came to The Conscious Bedroom, the studio’s goal was that the design considers, showcases and also celebrates both the environmental and social factors of a hotel bedroom. We wanted to consider sustainability across every inch of the room; not only the architectural finishes, furniture and decorative items but also areas which may usually be overlooked such as the artwork, bedding and even the floor underlay. Connections were made with a number of brand partners to provide products that included recycled, organic, natural or sustainably sourced materials or had low energy use such as LED lighting and low-flow taps & showers that reduce water consumption.

When it came to the social factors of the Conscious Bedroom, we considered the health and comfort of the guest; a selection of real flowers and plants within the room was important, to give life to the space, improving air quality and the general well being for those using the room. Carefully selected art around the room gives a sense of calm and interest and can help reduce stress and anxiety. A high quality bed using only natural materials helps provide the best night’s sleep possible and healthy snacks and beverages are provided at the mini-bar.’

Read more about the artists below:

Jo Lewis
Jo is a painter who tries to create as little waste as possible in her practice by using minimal materials and reusing or even replacing paintbrushes with natural elements.

Balancing her own intervention and decisions with the forces of wind, water and tide, Jo’s practice sees her submerge paper in water whilst she applies the watercolour to its’ surface. The flow of water is allowed to freely carry the paints across the paper, creating veils of marks made and translucent colour embedded by the rhythms of the water.

Through this process, Jo’s practice turns away from man-made materials and utilizes what our rivers and lakes can offer, making a comment on the ability of our natural resources.

Gillian Swan
Gillian brings recycling into her artwork, constructing each piece from used paper and card, such as packaging and cereal boxes, and then painting them with leftover house wall paint. Her work explores the built environment around us and encourages us to explore using sustainable materials for construction. Her work is a reminder to waste as little of household materials as possible, persuading us to think outside the box when it comes to our resources.

Judith Beeby
Judith’s paintings are created by manipulating the flow of gloss and watercolour paint and are inspired by aerial photographs of the earth, celebrating the beautiful visuals that the planet offers in its merging of land and oceans.

By working with oils that contain plant-based oils such as linseed and poppy oil, Judith is conscious to work sustainably, choosing materials which do not not cause toxic harm and do not contribute to air pollution. Judith is also careful to avoid using the often toxic colour pigments cadmium, cobalt, mercurial sulphiide and lead, instead finding clever alternatives to produce the ocean blues.