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x+why offer coworking which unites purpose-driven businesses, inspires growth and amplifies successes – both small and staggering. Their flagship x+why in Whitechapel reimagines the purpose of coworking, championing wellness, courage, creativity and collaboration and cleverly combining design, tech, culture, wellbeing and community.

The ARTIQ collection at x+why is inspired by purpose and innovation, with each piece hand-selected for its ability to reflect the dynamicity and vibrancy of a blended space and to enhance the wellness of each area, encouraging conversation, inspiration and interaction. Focussing on diversity, the curation features work both diverse in medium and artist background. The collection spans the entire building, carrying the narrative and theme from the public areas throughout the meeting rooms and event spaces.

In the entrance space of x+why, a selection of works by east London artists Demi Bromfield and Joe Rogers can be seen interacting with the open and light design aesthetic of the Café Lounge. Offering a punchy focal point for first-time visitors and x+why members alike, Joe’s bold colour palette is full of impact and vibrancy, reflecting the courage of purpose-driven businesses and the dynamicity of a coworking space.

Demi Bromfield’s work creates the illusion of texture while retaining a flat surface. She paints hyper-realistic paint brush marks with an apparent and familiar gestural nature of the stroke, encouraging the eye to be an organ of touch, tracing the active explorations of brush marks moving amongst the painted surface and opening the viewer up to the sensation of a new fabricated world. Hung alongside textural painting by ARTIQ artist Phoebe Boddy, the curation evokes a sense of interaction and was chosen to inspire creativity.

Moving through into the member’s area, the collection is curated to encourage wellness and social collaboration. The art in the member’s area features work by London based artists with diverse cultural backgrounds and vibrant colour palettes, chosen to reflect the dynamicity and diversity of the community at x+why.

Carlos Peñalver is a Hackney based artist with a passion for travel, people and drawing. Through his monochromatic line drawings, Carlos is able to create a space of intimacy through simplicity. Nestled in the The Burrow space, Carlos’ work offers a moment of relaxation and conversation, perfect for reflection.

Born in Bucarest, Romania, Anca Stefanescu‘s detailed and brightly coloured paintings reference different cultures as well as the artist’s connection with nature, love, childhood and family. Anca is a global artist, exhibiting in galleries across the world including Miami, Dubai, Venice, Florence and Bogota.

Also in the member’s area is a selection of work by artists Enrico Nagel and Marcelina Amelia. Hung in an innovative ‘salon hang’ style, the work was chosen to reflect the fun and vibrancy of a sociable space, offering contrasting splashes of colour and texture to stimulate ideas.

With German origins, Enrico Nagel is a self taught illustrator whose primary medium of expression is collage. Enrico’s work depicts a blending of old and new, mixing classical architecture with modern elements to create an imaginary universe both mysterious and humourous.

Drawing inspiration from her Polish heritage, Marcelina’s work explores a variety of themes such as religious iconography and folk tales, as well as childhood memories, dreams and sexuality. Her work presents a tension between nature and humanity, providing a nod to the natural forms, colours and light in the adjoining outdoor garden space.

As part of the ARTIQ Experience programme, a quarterly-rotating exhibition can be seen in the event and wellness space. For the first exhibition, ARTIQ curated a series of works by painter, Pam Winbolt.

Pam’s work is inspired by the connections between the mind, body, pain and healing, as well as our emotional attachment to land and sea. Each series of work has evolved from a journey to see how mind and body work in union, its fragility’s within its strengths.

Offering a palette of red, green, blue and burnt orange, the collection was chosen by ARTIQ to encourage members to find beauty and courage in the unpredictability of nature and human emotion, offering a focus on mental health and wellbeing and reflecting the mindfulness of purpose-driven business.

ARTIQ loved the space so much that we decided to move in, with our offices now based at x+why, bringing our own purpose-driven creativity and collaboration into the community.