Sara works in artist liaison, alongside ARTIQ’s Arts Manager Helen Buckley, researching, contacting and signing up artists, as well as preparing client curations.

Sara grew up in Milan and studied in both Paris and Torino, taking a BA in History of Art. She moved to London in 2013 and worked at the Lazarides Gallery in Mayfair – contemporary and street art specialists who represent artists such as JR and Vhils and who were Banksy’s representatives for over a decade. Sara researched and organised shows and off-site projects for the gallery, before becoming a freelance curator, collaborating with, for example, The House of Barnabas in Soho and the Arts Apartments company,

‘I absorb the creative arts everywhere in my daily life, from reading and going to the theatre and gigs to watching movies. Inspiration can come from anywhere and I like to bring the widest possible frame of reference to my work’.