ARTIQ artist Alia Ramangoli speaks to Elephant Magazine

Agnish Ray speaks to artists and activists about the evolution of the Pride flag, and the concept of colourfulness when it comes to the diversity of queer identities around the world.

Pride felt different this year, and not just because of the absence of marches, parades and parties. After the weeks of intensified public conversation around racial injustice that preceded, it was no surprise to see the QPOC (queer people of colour) Pride flag doing the rounds on social media. The image features a dark-skinned fist raised in resistance, reminiscent of the Black Power salute, against a rainbow backdrop.

The rainbow flag is one of the most enduring symbols of gay identity, and exemplifies the profound political meaning that colours carry in visual culture. Pride this year felt like a moment for the LGBTQ+ community to confront its own complicated relationship with colour, in more than just the material sense.

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