Global Banking & Finance Review: Redesign Offices to Improve Staff Wellbeing and Engagement

Mental wellbeing in the workplace is on the agenda like never before. A recent FT survey found that more than 60% of UK respondents’ mental health had been negatively affected by Covid-19, higher than any other country surveyed. For some people, the novelty and flexibility of working from home has turned on its head. Whereas before there was no opportunity to work outside of the office, there is now no option to return for weeks, perhaps months.

People across the UK are placing a higher value on their mental wellbeing, with the combined effects of isolation, anxiety, illness and bereavement all taking their toll. We may only be scratching the surface of the problem, with experts forecasting the threat of a mental health epidemic enduring well beyond the point at which we leave the worst of the pandemic behind us.

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