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Project: Huntsman
Sector: Retail

Established in 1849, Huntsman is an esteemed Savile Row tailor, with an extraordinary history that stretches back over 170 years, creating impeccable bespoke suiting for the most discerning clientele that includes nobility, royalty, statesmen and iconic Hollywood stars. The house prides itself on a rich heritage and has built a reputation as one of the finest and most innovative bespoke tailors on Savile Row. Unparalleled craftsmanship and an iconic style has defined the Huntsman suit for generations. With an uncompromising commitment to excellence, Huntsman’s unique legacy encompasses an impressive list of patrons renowned for their sartorial style such as Clark Gable, Cecil Beaton, Winston Churchill, Gregory Peck, Coco Chanel, Katharine Hepburn, Lucian Freud and Alexander McQueen.

ARTIQ were delighted to work with Huntsman to develop an exclusive artwork to mark the re-launch of their Bespoke Shirting service. Excellence in bespoke shirting has an intrinsic role in Huntsman’s impressive sartorial repertoire, having produced exceptional shirts for decades, interrupted only following the retirement of their last resident shirt cutter. To properly celebrate the re-launch of this service, Huntsman recognised they needed a bespoke window treatment to match.

ARTIQ looked to London-based artist Carlos Peñalver to create an artistic intervention for the window of Huntsman’s Savile Row shop.

With a background in architecture, Carlos is an artist with a passion for travel, people and drawing. He grew up in Spain and subsequently travelled the world painting murals and portraits of the people he was meeting every day on public transport and in cafes, restaurants and markets. Working in a beautifully dynamic line-drawing style and sophisticated monochromatic palette, Carlos’ style was chosen to offer the perfect symbiosis with thread.

Carlos worked closely with Huntsman’s Creative Director Campbell Carey to immerse himself in the art of bespoke tailoring, researching the intricacies of fabric and design to take inspiration for his work.

Starting on paper, Carlos worked with sketches to capture the detail, perspective and dimension of key pieces in the collection. Inspired by the intricate craft of tailoring, Carlos also incorporated depictions of the tools and accessories essential to the maker, reflecting Huntsman’s bespoke service and heritage.

The work focuses on the flux of fabric, bringing the garments to life through movement and play. Each piece interacts with another to create a sense of gathering and interaction, elegantly reflecting a conversation between customer and tailor. Using white marker, a medium often associated with Street Art, the work cleverly juxtaposes with Carlos’ use of the traditional art of drawing to offer a mix of tradition and contemporary.

Drawn directly onto the shopfront window, the work provide an eye-catching and interactive focal point for customers and passers by.

The work will be on display throughout May 2019. Please visit Huntsman for more.