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ARTIQ were delighted to be brought on board by Investec the international banking and wealth management group to develop an art strategy and curation for two of their London buildings. Bold, playful and pushing at the boundaries of what a corporate art collection can be, the collection features a diverse mix of medium, texture and colour, chosen to reflect the  out of the ordinary culture of the organisation and to compliment the design by architectural and design firm, tp bennett.

With diversity and innovation always in mind, the ARTIQ collection brings together large and small scale works by both South African and London-based artists, offering bursts of vibrancy and dynamism throughout the space along with personal stories and explorations of identity, elegantly showcasing the cultural diversity and heritage of Investec and the people in the business.

As an established art patron already with many works in their collection, ARTIQ wanted to build a strategy that would both celebrate the work in the clients’ archive and showcase their commitment to supporting new artists. To begin, ARTIQ worked with Investec to catalogue each piece in their current collection, lending their expertise and guidance to value and itemise the works. Following the cataloguing, ARTIQ worked closely with the client to design and build an online auction platform on which to sell these archival works, offering employees the opportunity to purchase the work that they have lived and breathed for many years.

The collection at 30 Gresham Street features work by South African artists Colijn Strydom and Johnny Armstrong, alongside work by London-based artists; Sikelela Owen, Anca Stefanescu, Joe Rogers and Suzi Morris. The art at 30 Gresham Street is an adventurous and narrative based curation, featuring a diverse selection of works ranging from figurative to abstract in form, each with an intriguing and personal story to tell about identity and diversity.

Colijn Strydom is an artist living and working in Capetown, SA. His work was chosen for it’s eclectic use of influences, including literature, history and popular culture and to reflect the South African origins of the client. Colijn’s work is an interrogation and dialogue with his own identity as an Afrikaner and seeks to explore themes of masculinity and heritage.

Sikelela Owen’s subjects are images of family and friends, of domestic life and moments of rest and relaxation. Both in her choice of subject and in her use of paint, the artist focuses only on what matters in a kind of emotional essentialism. Chosen for its use of layers of expressive strokes and light glazes, Sikelela’s work provides a moment of expression and mindfulness for employees and visitors.

The statement piece of the collection, seen in the reception is ‘Communication VII’ by Berlin-based artist, Bea Garding Schubert. Radiating with creative power, Bea’s work sets a statement of intention for the whole collection for visitors and employees entering the building, reflecting dynamicity and spirit through her use of a vibrant palette and a blend of infinite imagery with hidden messages.

Hisham Echafaki is a self-taught painter with a fascination for animals, insects and nature in general. Hisham works with layers, using materials as diverse as resin to build multi-dimensional pieces. His works evoke a sense of wonderment for the colours and patterns of nature and often incorporate anthropomorphic features engaging the viewer to reflect on our complex relationship with the animal world as well as the importance of conservation and protection of the planet’s rich diversity.

65 Gresham Street is a hub for wellbeing, providing training, events and a place of wellness for employees. The ARTIQ collection for 65 Gresham Street was built around a brief of play and expression, with artists chosen for their use of colour and ability to creatively reimagine shape and form.

Olly Fathers is a painter based in Brixton, London. His work investigates how man-made structures contribute to the way we perceive, judge and negotiate our positions in space. Olly’s vibrant style and palette, including his use of 3D shapes and his ‘paint drip’ technique, was chosen to provide the perfect interaction of play for the events and meeting room space.

Jacob Eaton is a visual artist based in London. His paintings consider the limits of the brush to board within painting. Tension is created on the surface through the colour variation of the brush mark and its resulting negative space. His work provides a focal point for the corridor leading up to the yoga studio, using his exploration of dynamicity to evoke a feeling of flow and movement in the space.

Surrounding the yoga studio are a number of interventions in the form of sculpture, neon and painting including works by Almuth Tebbenhoff, Jacob Eaton and a bespoke neon, commissioned especially by ARTIQ and developed exclusively for Investec.

Moments of further play can be seen in the booths and seating space in the building, including a ‘salon hang’ installation which features a mix of bespoke prints by London based artist, Joe Owens hung alongside some of the archival works from Investec’s collection, encouraging conversation and relaxation and bringing together both new and existing pieces.

As part of the ARTIQ Experience offering, ARTIQ also organised a pop-up exhibition to mark the start of the new collection. The exhibition featured a selection of the new works, showcased in the reception area of the building, offering employees and guests a chance to be inspired and excited by the art soon to arrive.