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Project: Regent’s Place
Sector: Public Art

Regent’s Place is a 13 acre, fully managed mixed use campus in London’s West End that is currently occupied by nearly 20,000 workers and residents.

As part of its continually evolving strategy to engage and attract tenants, Regent’s Place commissioned ARTIQ to develop a sculptural intervention in the heart of the campus.

ARTIQ Art Consultant, Frankie Burgess worked closely with the team at British Land to develop a work of public art to reflect the creativity, innovation and energy of a mixed use development and to provide a stimulus to support their educational outreach activities for local schoolchildren and residents.

Frankie procured work by ARTIQ artist Rebecca Newnham. Predominately working as a sculptor and designer, Rebecca’s work explores scientific ideas, life cycles and botanical forms, with sculptures that consider growth, propagation and seed distribution as well as flight, energy and the transference of matter.

Rebecca’s materials lead approach is informed by an understanding of glass, bronze, concrete and fiberglass. She incorporates sustainability as a core part of her process, reusing glass bottles to create an innovative aggregate for her sculptures and to provide a handmade glass skin that can be seen as a feature in many of her pieces.

‘Launch’ represents the energy required to elevate a swan from a static position into the air. Featuring a steel skeleton, silver mirror and grey, silver and black enamelled glass, the work bristles with energy, movement and light, providing an elegant visual representation of the dynamicity of the development and beautifully reflecting the sunlight and surrounding nature to create a unique focal point of engagement and inspiration for the community of Regent’s Place.

Photography by David Bird. Work by Rebecca Newnham. Art curation by ARTIQ