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Project: The Lowry Hotel
Sector: Hospitality

The Lowry Hotel is Manchester’s premier five-star hotel. The newly renovated Presidential Suite has been designed by renowned architects and interior designers Goddard Littlefair. Many of the design features have been inspired by Manchester’s industrial past, with reference to the cotton production industry.

ARTIQ came on board to develop a bespoke art collection to pay homage to the hotel’s namesake, L.S Lowry, whose work famously captured the workers and architecture of Manchester. The collection at the Lowry presented an exciting and rare opportunity to curate an art collection for a hotel named after a celebrated artist.

In curating the collection with Goddard Littlefair, ARTIQ pulled specifically on L.S. Lowry’s recognisable palette of charcoals and dark reds against pale smoky backdrops. Alongside these distinctive tonal elements, the curation draws on the shapes evoked by Manchester’s solid industrial architecture of the twentieth and twenty-first century – examples of which can be viewed from the Presidential Suite – as well as heavily abstracted figures that draw on Lowry’s matchstick figures.

The collection is comprised of painting, sculpture, photography and print, with an emphasis on varied rich textures that range from polished photography of abstracted industrial forms– to thickly modelled paintings incorporating found elements.

Examples include work by artist Laetitia Rouget, whose playful series focuses on simplistic line drawings of the human in thickly pulled paint – a modern interpretation of Lowry’s matchstick men. Laetitia’s vibrant drawings offer contrast with the delicacy of the works seen in the bathroom by artist Kelly M. O’Brien.

Kelly’s mixed-media practice involves burning paper and layering with inserts of gold leaf. Her work seen in The Presidential Suite, focuses on a linear radiating pattern, chosen for its ability to recall  the architecture of the bridge, viewable from the suite window.

A selection of monochromatic photographic prints can be seen in the suite hallway, installed by ARTIQ in a grid formation to offer further nods to geometry, architecture and Manchester’s industrial past.